A trip to Den Haag (The Hague)

Because so many of the cities are so close together here in The Netherlands, we only had to take a short (15 minute) train ride to get to The Hague.  The majority of the group visited the Escher Museum, housed in what used to be the winter palace of the royal family, and the Binnenof, the seat of the Dutch government.

Den Haag 1 Den Haag   Binnenhof 2

A few of our adventurous eaters tried the traditional Dutch practice of eating raw herring with onions (while trying to dodge the seagulls that are extremely interested in this Dutch “delicacy”).

Herring 2 Herring 1

And we wrapped our day up with a visit to Madurodam, a popular tourist site that puts everything in perspective (sort of). It was fun to see the small versions of many sites that we’ve already seen in this small country.

madurodam  Madurodam 3

Madurodam 2  Madurodam 1


One thought on “A trip to Den Haag (The Hague)

  1. What fun photos! I’m thinking M.C. Escher? I love the photos of the miniature scale towns… beautiful!
    Where was the photo of Simone downing the herring?:) This looks/sounds like an amazing experience!
    Charles Monette

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