School visit #1: Leo Kanner

Today we had our first school visit to Leo Kanner College (a high school designed for university-bound students on the spectrum).  After an introduction to some similarities and differences between Dutch and American educational “tracks”, we got a tour of the school and had a chance to compare cross-national notes with students.  Some of the Leo Kanner students were in the middle of their high-stakes, “end” exams – which will determine if they can move ahead to a research university.  Leo Kanner students have a near 100% success rate (compared with the national +/- 70% average).

leo kannerQuiet!! Examsautism in adultsIntro to Leo Kanner


One thought on “School visit #1: Leo Kanner

  1. Autism in adults moet blijken te zijn een fascinerende studie over het continuum. Excellent!
    Charles Monette

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