A “down day” in Leiden

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After a very full week, students had the chance today to rest, shop at the Saturday market, and enjoy these views out of their dorm windows at Webster University.  Tomorrow, most students signed up for either/both a visit to the Rijksmuseum or to the Anne Frank Huis…so many of us will be off to Amsterdam.


Getting the inside scoop on windmills

molen de valk

Today’s visit to Molen de Valk (the Falcon Windmill) was a nice compliment to the students’ current unit on Dutch history and culture.  This windmill can be seen from the windows of many of the students’ dorm rooms.

Brian in de Valk   Brian on the stairs

Brian hanging out in the home of the miller (on the first floor of the mill) and climbing down the VERY steep steps from one of the top floors.

Patrick in the mill  Patrick L

Patrick Michael L. making himself at home inside the mill…

checking out the scene from up top

…while Patrick Michael M. checks out the view from the very top.




On our walking tour of Leiden

On our walking tour of Leiden

The group enjoyed a lovely tour of the city — learning about Dutch history and culture, as well as where best to buy groceries, adapters for their computers, and an inexpensive Indonesian meal.   A big surprise for what would typically be a sleepy Sunday — we stumbled upon a Japanese festival that ran the entire length of one of the main canals.  The Netherlands can always be counted on for delightful surprises.